Encore! Joe + Kimi {bakersfield, california engagement photography}

I’ll be posting a re-cap of all 4 “seasons of love” of these two lovebirds soon…. 😉  But for now… here’s my beautiful sister with her fiancé one more time…





JoeYkim Chavez

We will look back on these pictures 10 years from now with our children 🙂 so blessed to have such beautiful memories captured by you. Thanks again…looking forward to many more milestones captured by YOU, not only our family, but the BEST photographer ever. <3 xoxo


We love them! So thankful for your talent (and patience) <3
A compilation more than 3 years in the making! Can't believe it is finally complete 🙂 wonderful and beautiful experience! Thanks again for helping us capture these memories we will cherish forever! Xoxo