A few frequently asked questions and their answers to help you get started. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact me.

In the Central Valley of California. Otherwise known as the "armpit of Cali"... even more specifically, Bakersfield. I am 2 hours away from the mountains, the beach and LA. Being central means we have options!
Anything that requires an overnight stay or is more than 50 miles outside of Bakersfield.
Travel fees vary depending on the location and time frame. Are we driving? Flying? Boating? Floating? (You get my drift?) haha. Basically, just ask and we will figure out the details together. I'm not unreasonable and I always look for the cheapest way to travel. (So no worries - I won't book 1st class airfare on your dime.)
Too legit to quit. ha! In all seriousness though, I've been a professional photographer/business owner since 2008. I pay all my dues/taxes/fees and carry insurance. I have top of the line equipment (including back up equipment.) And TONS of experience in this business. I also continuously educate myself with workshops, online courses, etc. I'm a huge fan of learning and staying open minded.
It's not unusual nor is it a bad idea. You should be concerned if a business does NOT have insurance. Insurance ensures that your investment is safe. If anything was to happen to my equipment or if we got robbed leaving your wedding or session, insurance covers your cost and replaces my equipment. If your venue requires your vendors to show proof of insurance, I have you covered. I will contact them and provide them with what they need. No stress!
Of course!! Just let me know and I am more than happy to send you a few. I'm a firm believer in open & honest communication. It is more than fair to expect to see and know what you're signing up for. I would never expect you to book with just the "highlight reel" you see on Instagram.
Contact me to make sure I am available on your date. Then, sign the contract and pay the $1500 retainer. That's it! I'm yours! Your package balance is due in full 30 days before your wedding date.
Reach out anyways! You never know... sometimes things only feel "out of budget". I'm always open to communicating and finding creative ways to make it work.
Yup! I'm super flexible!
Simple answer. YES. Love is love!!
I totally understand that ish happens. Life is crazy and sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. If you have to postpone, as long as you work with me to choose an available date on my calendar, I will transfer your retainer to your new date as a one-time courtesy. (You will need to pay another retainer but your payment will count towards your balance.) If you are canceling altogether, your retainer is non-refundable.
OMG Yes!! .......... JUST KIDDING. Of course not! Let's get real, most people "hate photos". Would it surprise you if I said that it's actually the experience of taking photos that most people don't like? I work hard to make it fun and relaxing. Something I hear after every session? "That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! I actually had fun!" Yay! So no worries! I gotchu!
Pretty much 99% of everyone that breathes feels this way. It's totally normal! I will help you! I have a flow that guides you in natural poses and I will give you simple directions that won't make you feel like an awkard robot.
Yes, yes, yes! I love helping! We will go over all of this in detail in your planning session.
Unfortunately, no. Your wedding hours must be consecutive.
Absolutely! We can add as many you'd like.
Of course! You can upgrade your package at any time.
All of my wedding collections include the digital wedding gallery. However, I am a full service photographer which means I would not be doing my job if I only gave you the ingredients and expected you to create your own products. It’s my job to give you a finished and beautiful product to enjoy for years! My professional lab delivers amazing, high end products. I highly recommend printing through us.
2 weeks for portrait sessions. 6-8 weeks for wedding galleries.
An unplugged wedding means there are no devices (iPhones, iPads) or cameras at the wedding ceremony except for the hired professional. This allows guests to be present in the moment and leave the photography to us. Well-meaning family members often times block important moments and this kind of ceremony is highly recommended to prevent that!
A lot of times, the venue will hire their photographers based on the lowest bidder. This does not always ensure you will get the best photos. Having a photographer at your event whose sole priority is you and you alone provides a lot of peace of mind. By the time we get to your wedding, we will have already built a good working relationship vs meeting your venue photographer for the first time on your wedding day.
Short answer, sure! Long answer: I will take a look to get a feel for the overall vibe you like. I do not print your board and use it as a shot list because that would be a huge disservice to you. It is crucial that you trust me to capture your day with my flow to ensure that you get meaningful photographs that are authentic to the way your day happened. (I can explain this in more detail at consult if you have further questions.)
Not necessarily. I love meeting in person when possible so I can hang out with you and get to know you. If meeting in person is difficult due to location or schedules or you feel like you have enough information and don't need to meet, a phone conversation is just fine. I'm here to make it as easy as possible for you.
Yes and no. I am a photographer. I know how to do the basics in photoshop but any extensive retouching gets sent to a digital artist who is qualified and knowledgable in the power and art of photoshop. (This is in your best interest. My artist is amazing!)
I have backup plans for my backup plans! I will be in contact with you if I need to activate said backup plans. I have an emergency list of competent and trustworthy professionals who are similar to my style and are extremely skilled and capable. I will not leave you hanging.
I rarely need to visit a venue before the wedding day. I'm a professional and experienced in knowing what I need to do in a given situation and environment. I use google to research and scope out your venue. So again, no worries! I am confident in my abilities!
Absolutely! I help create most of my couple's timelines. It would be my pleasure to help you.