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the photege - meet your photographer - marsha walkerHello there! I am so glad you’re here!

My name is Marsha and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer residing in Bakersfield, California.

My love for my family drives my passion, giving me incredible purpose to document the love in this world through my camera. So when I say I shoot with my heart, I mean it. Each image I capture is an extension of the love that I have found in my life, family, and relationships.

I believe that the sum of our lives is the accumulation of momentsa look, a touch, a connection, and I cant imagine a world in which we dont have a record of those moments. My life, both personally and professionally, revolves around taking the time to notice these small breaths in time and making sure we dont miss them.

My approach is simple and relaxed as I savor the truest and most genuine moments. My goal is to be present without being distracting. I love to capture things as they unfold naturally so working with me is easy and the ultimate goal is to have the best experience! My favorite moments to capture are those tiny moments that we don’t notice until we do, and then they become our most treasured memory. Each moment that I capture is felt with my heart … and I hope you can feel it, too!

If you’d like to learn more, take a minute to browse my portfolios, visit the blog, read real reviews from happy hearts or get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you!

People always ask me, “What is ‘The Photegé’?” I have to be honest; it is a completely made-up word. A play off of the word “protégé”; [a person who is guided and supported by an older and more experienced or influential person.]

I originally thought of my clients as MY protégés, but I quickly realized that I was the protégé—I am a protégé of life. I learn from the people around me, the ones who continue to inspire me and encourage me and guide me with their nuggets of wisdom (both spoken and observed).

I thrive on discovering what I am capable of, and I find confidence in that discovery. As I continue to learn, I realize that I never want that to change. I want to be a perpetual student. Not only of this incredible craft, but of life, too! There is so much to learn, so much to absorb, so many ways to love and be loved…

I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.

A few of my favorite things:
♥ Coffee
♥ The beach
♥ The smell of fresh cut grass
♥ Fresh sheets
♥ Snuggles from my favorite humans
♥ Coconut flavored anything
♥ Sunshine
De Coeur Bake Shop macarons
♥ Family time
♥ Workin’ on my fitness 

Bucket List Destinations:
♥ Horseshoe Bend
♥ Zion
♥ Oregon
♥ Spain
♥ Italy
♥ Australia
♥ Ireland
♥ Washington D.C.
♥ New York
♥ Niagra Falls

A few fun facts about me:
♥ I am half Korean, half White. My kids are half Mexican, or, “White-Asia-Can” as they call it.
♥ I have lived in Korea, Germany and California and traveled to many countries and states before the age of 14. (Thanks, Dad & US Army!)
♥ I have a sister that looks like my twin (but we are 3.5 years apart).
♥ I can never finish that last bite of anything.
♥ I don’t drink anything while I’m eating.
♥ I love adventuring and discovering new places.